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Building Component Solutions Co. Ltd. (BCOMS), a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Co. (Zamil Industrial), recently received the Certificate of Approval from Warrington Certification, through the Exova Warringtonfire Mideast laboratory in the UK, for its rockwool sandwich panels. The panels were approved for fire safety in compliance with BS EN 1363-1:2012, upon completion of an approval process that included a two-hour period of heat and pressure testing at specified levels.

Warrington Certification Limited, a world leader in providing independent certification of the fire safety and security of building materials, issued this important certification based on type testing of a product sample as well as surveillance and evaluation of BCOMS’ production and quality control practices. The Exova Warringtonfire Mideast certification scheme ensures that products tested and assessed are manufactured according to stringent quality control standards. The program also establishes a passive fire protection product tracing system that uses manufacturing records and coded labels and that links the product to the manufacturer from buildings and construction sites located anywhere in the world.

The Certificate of Approval, granted according to Warrington Certification's assessment scheme, instills confidence in specifiers, enforcement authorities, and building owners and occupants in the Middle East that manufacturers will consistently provide products that match the specifications of those that have been assessed and approved at the laboratory.

"Independent, third-party certification such as that provided by Warrington is quickly becoming the accepted industry standard for passive fire protection building products,” said Nasri Majzoub, general manager of BCOMS. "This certificate of approval affirms not only the consistent quality of our rockwool sandwich panels, but of our manufacturing and quality control processes. It assures our customers that they are utilizing materials of exceptional quality in their construction projects," he added.

The rockwool sandwich panels assessed are made up of double galvanized steel or aluminum skins with a noncombustible rockwool core. According to the certification, specific modifications, including increased core thickness and variable facing profiles, are permitted and will not affect compliance.

Beside the environmental benefits provided, using rockwool panels can save up to 20 percent energy on average, reduce energy costs for the buildings, and contribute significantly to a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. The insulation panels also restrict the fire from spreading from one zone to another and act as a protection for load bearing elements in steel structures, thus preventing the building from collapsing under fire conditions. Professional studies prove that the thermal insulation cost of a building will not exceed 3.5% of its budget. However, this amount will be paid back in 4 - 5 years as a result of savings on the electricity bill.

It is worth noting that Zamil Industrial serves as one of the corporate sponsors and supporters of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center's energy conservation campaign. The campaign focuses on central national energy conservation targets in order to achieve the Kingdom's thrust of promoting energy efficiency as a key national priority. It also aims to raise public awareness of energy efficiency and conservation of air-conditioning units and insulation materials to shed light on the effects of energy conservation in the community.

The company is committed to offering the best available products under its brands to regional consumers, and will continue to strive toward introducing the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly and highest quality products into the marketplace.