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Personnel Doors, Roll Up Doors and Sliding Doors

Doors of below listed types along with all the required accessories are supplied:

  • Personnel Doors are available in following sizes:
    • 915mm x 2135mm Single Personnel Door
    • 1830mm x 2135mm Double Personnel Door
  • Manually Operated Roll-up Doors are available in the following sizes:
    • 3000mm x 3000mm
    • 3000mm x 4000mm
    • 4000mm x 4000mm
    • 4000mm x 5000mm
    • 5000mm x 5000mm
  • Sliding Doors are supplied as both single sliding doors and double sliding doors. They are designed for quick assembly and ease of operation and are available in three types:
    • Type T1 (Top hanging support with projecting bottom guide)
    • Type T2 (Top hanging support with grooved bottom guide)
    • Type B1 (Top guide with bottom roller support)

Sliding Doors are available in all the size combinations with maximum size of 6000mmx6000mm.