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Aluminum Windows and Louvers

Personnel Doors, Roll Up Doors and Sliding Doors

Doors of below listed types along with all the required accessories are supplied:

  • Windows

    Fixed & Sliding Aluminum Windows are available in following sizes:

    • 1000mmx1000mm
    • 1500mmx1000mm
    • 1000mmx1500mm
  • Louvers

    Steel Louvers are used to provide natural air flow into a building. There are two standard types of louvers that are available in Adjustable and fixed type and are fabricated from 0.5mm thick zincalume painted color.

    Steel Louvers are available in 3 sizes:

    • 1000mm(W)x1000mm(H)
    • 1000mm(W)x1500mm(H)
    • 1500mm(W) x1000mm(H)