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Sundry Items

Sundry Items forms a basic part of our scope of supply & are supplied along sheeting materials.

Fasteners : Standard carbon steel screws with washers as per the requirement are supplied along with sheeting.

Pop Rivets : Standard pop rivets for joining light guage trims and flashings.

Foam Closure : Foam closures are standard supplied sundry parts for weather tight sealing between panels and trims at the eave, base, canopy, ridge as well as above blockwall areas. The type of foam closure supplied depends on the panel profile supplied.

Foam closure are made of rigid polyethylene foam that has very high resistance to ultraviolet rays, can withstand harsh environments and resists some aggressive chemical attacks.

Bead Mastic : It is a high performance tacky elastic butyl tape with silicon release paper designed to bond panels and valley gutter. It is engineered to withstand extreme roof temprature while offering low temprature compressibility and resistance to cold flow.

Flowable Mastic : It is high performance solvent release pigmented acrylic compound sealant ideal for sealing critical laps in gutters, downspouts etc. It remains ductile in the presence of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, making it an excellent general purpose sealant.

We maintain a steady & up-to-date stock of all these items to ensure immediate delivery.