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Ridge Ventilators and Roof Curbs

Ridge Ventilators

Ridge Ventilators will provide natural air circulation in any Pre-engineered steel building. It can installed as continuous or single units. Both types come in 3000mm long units with fixed throat openings for gravity air flow. Ridge ventilators are designed for mounting to the building ridge using gravity flow to exhaust heat, fumes and smoke at rapid rates and regulate free air within the building.

Power Ventilators

Power ventilators consist of a one-piece fiberglass corrugated base and throat assembly complete with spun aluminum non-return shutters incorporating an anti-dust/sand seal. Power is supplied by means of a direct drive motor with an integral aluminum aerofoil blade impeller, statically and dynamically balanced complete unit.

Roof Curbs:

Roof Curb are building accessories designed to support roof mounted fans, smoke vents, roof/fire hatches and other equipments.Roof curb base has the same as our Type-S1 panel profile making installation easy and water tight.

Roof curbs are made of material that is strong, lightweight, easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. The minimum thickness of the roof curb is 3mm which can be increased to support heavier load.