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Mineral Wool Insulated Panel System for Roofs & Walls

Mineral wool is a premium insulation made from volcanic rock melted at high temperatures and spun into a mat of fine fibers. Mineral wool only burns at temperatures in excess of 1,000°C so in effect provides a fire barrier for building envelope. The mineral wool insulation used in BCOMS panels is certified by regional and international entities.

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BCOMS Sandwich Panel "Insulated Panel System for Roofs & Walls"

BCOMS sandwich panel is a composite pannel consisting of two skins and a polyisocyanurate (PIR) core. The exposed outer skin is roll formed from steel or aluminum coils, where the inner skin is made up of the same material in addition to a Fiber Reinforced Liner (FRL) option.

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BCOMS Panel Specifications Accessories Brochure

Material specifications for Sandwich7 Single Skin Panels: BCOMS supply sandwich panels & single skin for Roof & Wall sheeting in two different base metals i.e. Steel and Aluminum.